Be a seller at Koocam and make money by selling your knowledge or skill and increase your income.

How to start?

• First, you need to create a lesson (cam).
Choose the right category, the time of the private lesson and the amount you ask for the lesson.
Tip: Use video in the cam image; it's proven that people are attracted to videos more than a regular picture.
Tip: Try sharing your cam on social media, it will increase your cam exposure.

• Someone choose your CAM - go live!
Start your private video chat with the buyer and teach the skill or share the knowledge you have in a personal live chat.
Tip: Try smiling when you are online, people will react to that and will want to use your service again.

• The lesson is over, it's time to get paid
Payments are simple, safe and painless for all!

Good luck!

Koocam team.