Want to sell your knowledge but don't know what knowledge or skill you have?

Let us help you...
Do you have some special/traditional dish or pastry you know how to make?
Create cam in the Eating, Food & Drinks category and guide others the best techniques you have or give them the secret recipe only you know.
Do you know how to sing?
Create cam in the Music category and help others improve with singing techniques or to control their vocal.
Do you know how to play any instrument?
Know how to read notes?
Create cam in the Music category and guide others how to play the instrument or to read notes.
Do you know your native language enough to have a nice conversation?
Create cam in the Private Lessons category and conduct a nice conversation with someone who wants to practice the language you speak fluently.
Do you know how to create special things from stuff you have at home?
Create cam in the DIY category and teach others your crafting skill.
Do you have a child? are you a kindergarten teacher? Maybe you are a wonderful nanny? Create cam in baby care and guide others how to handle their kids.
Have you read a good book lately? Want to talk to someone about your favorite book?
Create a cam in the Books category and help others find the book they would love!
Love to wear makeup? Your family and friends ask you to do their makeup for all occasions?
Create a cam in the make-up category and guide others how to get the perfect look.
Do you have some knowledge in natural remedies?
Maybe some tips for a healthy lifestyle?
Create a cam in the health category and help others stay healthy!
Do you have your own special style? your friends don't buy clothes without you? Is fashion in your DNA? Create cam in the fashion category and guide others on how to look their best!
Have you ever traveled to an interesting place? Can you give tips and advice on places you visited? Can you recommend where or when to travel? Create a cam in the travel category and help others learn from your traveling experience.
Know your city well enough to recommend others where the best places in town are?
Do you know about places only locals know? Create cam in the city guide category and help others enjoy the authentic experience of your city.
Know how to train your dog and think you can guide others to do so?
Have any tips on how to keep your animal's fur clean?
Create cam in the animal category and help others with their pet.
We're sure you have some hobby or talent.
Whatever you know to do - in koocam.com, it is worth money! Create cam in hobbies category and share your knowledge with the world
Do you have business skills? Can help others from your business experience and give some business tips?
Love cars? Know a thing or two about handling the motor? carburetor etc.? Can recommend to people which car to buy? Create a cam in the car category and guide others how to handle their car or what to check when buying a new car.
Family and friends are asking you for relationship or parenting advice?
Create cam in family category and help others understand how to improve their family relationships.
You know what kind of wine is suitable for meat?
Know how to make a special or traditional dish?
Create cam in the food & drinks category and help people eat, drink and enjoy.
Maintains a healthy lifestyle? You have a training system that helped you lose weight? Can you give tips on proper nutrition? Create a cam in the diet category and help others learn your methods and lose weight.
Know how to make special desserts? Have tips or recipes for your favorite dessert?
Create a cam in the desserts category and guide others on how to make the best dessert ever.
Love to handle your garden and know how to take care of the trees and plants? People around you admire your beautiful garden? Create cam in the gardening and plants category and help others learn from you the secret to a magical garden.
Are people complimenting you about your beautiful home?
You know how to match the table, the curtains and the couch in every room in the house? Create cam in home design category and guide other how to organize the house in the best effective way.
Do you know how to sing? How to play an instrument? The rhythm just flows in you? Create cam in the music category and help others enrich their music skills
Spend most of your time on the computer?
Know everything there is to know in and out?
Create a cam in a computer category and help others understand the computer world better.
Are you creative? You always see beyond what others see?
Create cam in the art category and share your art knowledge with others.
What kind of sports do you do? Do you watch it on TV or work out for yourself?
Create cam in the sports category and give others your sports skills.
What is your cool skill? Magic cards? juggling? Maybe you tell good jokes?
Create cam in the entertainment category and make people laugh!
Practice law? Can you give others with legal advice?
Create a cam in the law category and help others know the law.
Do you have a developed sixth sense? Can help and guide others?
Create cam in the channeling category and help others with their path in life.

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