30 min
$ 20

With me you will Learn beginner SEO

Created Date : 03-05-2017

In this 30 minute session, I will take you through the most important aspects of SEO for your website. Through years of my own experience in the field of SEO, I can save you hours worth of researching trying to cut through to find out what actually works. This course is designed at either complete beginners or those just starting out in the world of Search Engine Optimisation. For somethign more advanced I would be happy to create a new offer, just send me a message, but as this is my first video I thought I would start with a cheap price and teach the more fundamental skills of effective SEO.


If you have a website already then send me this across beforehand so I can familiarise myself with what you need. Other than that, bring a pen and paper or a way to keep track of everything we discuss.






A detailed 2 hour written report of the changes you need to make to your site specifically.
80 $


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